In spite of new laws about downloading music, there are still lots of sites where you can legally download or listen to free music. Hereís some of the best we have found.

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Grooveshark is a new service just getting started and will let you build playlists and share music. has lots of bootleg and live tracks from your favorite artists. Stuff you canít find anywhere else, that has never been released on albums! lets you build your own custom radio stations and has lots of songs available. has lots of free MP3 downloads. They are a trusted spyware free site. is still in Beta, but their playlist maker works great and they have access to hundreds of thousands of songs! still gives away lots of music, including lots of old tracks you canít find anywhere else.

Yahoo! Music will give you a free player and cd burner on their Jukebox feature, they also feature customizable radio on Launchcast. has free music downloads, videos, and over 200 custom radio stations. All free.

Last lets you listen to full tracks, share songs and will give you a free music player.

Batanga is of interest to anyone seeking spanish radio stations, or videos. They have lots of Latin rock groups you canít find anywhere else. is a music subscription service, but they have lots of music on their site you can listen to free.

The Internet Archive has free downloadable music from lots of artists like the Grateful Dead, Phil Lesh, and many others.

Mush Records has a lot of good artists, offers free MP3 downloads and also videos. will let you download mix tapes, free. is a new site that lets musicians promote their work, and is a good place to find and download free new music. You can find some great stuff IF you use their search tools. offers free MP3 downloads. They feature write ups on the artists and streaming audio, too. has lots of free MP3 downloads along with videos, podcasts and a library of MP3 players for you to look over to choose your next new rig.

And of course, YouTube has many, many videos of your favorites you can post on your webpage or anywhere else.

 *We do not recommend iMESH, or Kazanon, as they are known spyware installers.

Spiral Frog has free MP3 downloads, videos, live music and news. They also let you create a profile.

Freemusiczilla is a free program that enables you download free music from IMEEM,, Pandora, Myspace, eSnips, Mog, iJigg, and almost all social music services.

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