by Ernie Enriquez

FVGS Reviewer

Mario Super Sluggers

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Nintendo

Mario sports games give us a chance to feel a little athletic and have cartoon-like fun. When you’re playing a MLB game and you knock a Grand Slam out of the park, you don't expect Barry Bonds to shoot 50 feet in the air and catch it. In a Mario world you can do that and more. Mario Super Sluggers could be compared Mario Superstar Baseball, yet a wee bit different. Of course you will have the challenge games that most people will love. Ok, maybe alone on a Friday night the fun may be hard to find. If you can round up a group of friends or even a buddy you can get into some very competitive and entertaining action with the challenge games. Whether or not you'll like the challenge mode really depends on what kind of person you are. If you are looking to get lost in Mario type fun ,you will probably enjoy it.

You have to earn characters a star rating by completing challenges. The mini-games will challenge your new baseball skills and help your character get better.. . On the other hand if you're into real baseball action, you will hate the challenge mode. And if you hate all baseball games, go outside and play with your former little league friends. Drop in for exhibition mode and you will get the real feel of Mario Sluggers. You first want to pick the right team to blend well, so you can execute signature moves more efficiently. These moves can make the fun more challenging with friends and against the computer if you have the guts to play it at a harder difficulty level. The single-player challenge mode offers a lot for a single player baseball game. Now your team will travel to different stadiums and pick up other players to improve your team. Different team captains have different special moves. This can come up in small challenges and even pitching.

Controls, of course are sensitive, most Wii games are. Hold that remote back, then move it forward to hit your homers. Then put the controller up and tug down to throw. All the other moves follow the same type of easy movement. Great for kids and to teach your friends with ease. If your looking for a serious sports game you will be disappointed. But, if you’re looking for a game your baby brother and Grandpa Earl can play (if he don't throw out his hip) or have a Wii night with your friends with all your favorite Mario characters, Sluggers will keep you entertained for hours.

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