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Micah Kolding

We are in the midst of an age of wonders,  wherein technology rises exponentially every year and droves of very bright, highly educated humans labor tirelessly simply to make sure that they're selling us the sharpest looking toys on the market. We can currently expect graphics that look better than reality, visions that look better than imagination, and scenes of such dynamics that  they not only desensitize us to violence but render us entirely bored with it as well. And yet, Nintendo has once again proven that they can claim our attention spans for days at a time by giving us a  set of low-polygon dolls that may or may not have a full complement of limbs and letting us play ping-pong with them.

That's right, the time has come to take the original Wii Sports and toss it right out the window, because Wii Sports Resort has arrived! Introduce yourself to Wuhu Island, a fantastic vacation destination that offers a great variety of activities, from the fresh to the familiar. Boating,  boarding, biking, basketball, archery, skydiving, flying, frisbee, table tennis and swordplay are among the new features you can expect, along  with the triumphant return of both golf and bowling from the older game. With single player games, multiplayer games, and games that go both  ways, this is the ideal purchase for even the most casual of Wii enthusiasts.

Where the original Wii Sports suffered from shaky and broken mechanics, Resort delivers a strong performance through and through. The swordplay games are a surefire favorite, finally putting accurate and engaging melee combat into our hands. Table tennis offers us a variation on the tennis game from the original, one that actually works this time. Even a concept as silly as throwing a frisbee to a dog becomes an engaging  pursuit, making use of realistic throwing motions to get the dog to catch the disc as close to the target area as possible. There are really no bad options when it comes to this game.

This game is an exciting outlook of  things to come, being the premier title for the new Wii MotionPlus accessory. A true Nintendo fan will not want to miss experimenting with this new height of control, relishing in the possibilities and promises that  it entails. The game can be found packaged with one of these attachments, and though additional ones would be needed for certain multiplayer games there are still many that allow for multiple players to use a single controller.

Ultimately, there's not much to be said against Wii Sports Resort. It's a simple game, but solid, engaging, and versatile enough to appease many different tastes and situations. This is a game you'll want to play again and again, so buy it, enjoy it, and keep those games spinning.

Our Score: 8/10

About the author:

Micah Kolding is a teacher, writer, and cartoonist from Davis, California. His sharp and satiric edge has appeared in the likes of The California Aggie and The Sacramento Book Review, as well as on stage.

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